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To do this i can run a utility called swap magic using the original ps3 that plays ps2 games i have this one 60gb. Play mgo1 in a bc ps3 cfw without a physical copy of swapmagic. This will also work for ps2 games on backwards compatible models using swap magic disc. Download game ps3 ps4 rpcs3 pc free new, best game ps3 ps4 rpcs3 pc iso, direct links torrent ps3 ps4 rpcs3 pc, update dlc ps3 ps4 rpcs3, hack jailbreak ps3 ps4 rpcs3. Load ps2 isos on ps3 via usbadvance external hdd 2060. Nov 15, 2012 ps3 hacks you probably dont know about. Controlconsoleapi aka ccapi is an api for ps3 and pc similar to tmapi on dex console. I cannot change my internal hdd without encountering the 8002f325 on installation of the same cfw to the new hdd. Using the swap magic ps2 to play your playstation 2 backup games is a quick, easy, 4 step process. Then copy my ps2 games as isos and run from an external drive. Discussion in ps3 jailbreak cfw and ps3hen started by tthousand. Ps1 imports on the ps3 playstation nation gamespot.

Insert the usb stick into on of the computers flash drives. This is a tutorial on how to boot playstation 2 isos on the ps3 via external hdd. Ok people come on this is not a real dl of swap magic 3. Swap magic works on a ps2 and a ps3 because its pressed the same way as any other ps2 game, so it would be very. Play burned psone games on ps3 super slim without ode,cfw,mods,chips. The ps3 can run any emulators that ps2 could using swap magic. Play mgo1 in a bc ps3 cfw without a physical copy of. Swap magic is a boot disc from the ps2 scene which allows you to run ps2 backups and homebrew content on a ps3 with any version of ofw. List all game ps3 download game ps3 ps4 rpcs3 pc free. Yeah i used this way before custom firmware ever came around to the. Jan 16, 20 how to play burned ps2 games with swap magic 3.

Download game ps4 rpcs4 free new, best game ps4 rpcs4 iso, direct links torrent ps4 rpcs4, update dlc ps4 rpcs4, hack jailbreak ps4 rpcs4. First create an image of the mgo disc, or download one, not a tutorial on how to create. Play ps2 games iso on ps3 without convert requirements ps3 fat slim cfw usb disc multiman ps3 cfw link. Download the custom firmware pup file from the developers website or through a download mirror. This includes the ability to use opl and play games from usb or smb, though fmv and heavy loading games may stutter. If you have a playstation 3 system that is capable of playing playstation 2 games, you can also use swap magic to play these backup files on your ps3 system. Its a different different type of manufacturing the discs arent made the same way. How to install cfw through recovery on a ps3 our pastimes. Everything from ps3 settings to its database can be restored using recovery mode.

These swap magic instructions will explain the 4 step process. We will cover some of the advanced features of the swap magic in another article. Jan, 2010 kopia zapasowa ps2 na ps3 przez swapmagic 3. Swap magic 3 is theperfect solution for playing backups games too. Steps taken i have a ps3 slim 120gb cech2503a which is in perfect working condition. So your trying to make a ps2 read a burnt game with a burnt copy of swap magic which it cant do. Iso backup copies of the ps2 games in their collection. The original founder of this method was ifcaro, this tutorial is a stepbystep method on how to get ps2 isos to run on your ps3. Swap magic is the cheapest and easiest way to play your ps2 games.

Swap magic for ps2 slim software free download swap magic. As you can see, this is the minimal hack to the original source code to compil and run. Upon inserting your swap magic you must wait for the ps3 and then manually eject the disc in order not to burn out your motor. Apr 10, 2019 a collection of various essential tools for cfw enabled ps3 users by aldostools. All the method i could find need to use a physical copy of either a game cheat disc like a game shark or code breaker or a original copy of the swap magic version 3. Modified source code for ps3 to compil and run on the sony ps3 with the psl1ghtv2 sdk.

If you want to boot swap magic on your ps3 system, you need to install a specific file on a usb stick and insert the usb stick into a specific usb port on the system. A recovery menu on the sony playstation 3 is a fail safe when it comes to fixing a ps3 that is not working properly. A quick video showing the basic usage of launchelf 3. The system update option useful for people wanting to install custom firmware onto their ps3 systems. Discless spiele funktionieren mit dem zugehoren disc logo.

Ps3 homebrew brewology ps3 psp wii xbox homebrew news. I want to play some japanese ps2 games however i only wish to purchase a ps3. Is there any way to play a ps1 import disc on a us ps3 without a mod chip. This file is required to use swap magic on the ps3 system. The swap magic device lets playstation 2 users play.

But be warned you can easily burn out your motor easily thus no longer having a working bluray drive if not careful. There is no jailbreak or custom firmware for ps3 consoles over 3. Aug 30, 2007 think about what a mod chip or swap magic disc does is allow your ps2 to read burnt media. Another option in the recovery menu is the system update option. Play ps1 and ps2 backups on ps3 with cfw and multiman. Jul 22, 2009 i have been reading many comments about running ps2 emulators on ps3. Play burned psone games on ps3 super slim without ode, cfw,mods,chips. Ps4 archives download game ps3 ps4 ps2 rpcs3 pc free.

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