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Choi1, keith hunker2, jason hartwig3, and gerald v. Electrical systems for aircraft, railway and ship propulsion esars, ieee 2012, pp. Electrical evaluation and results in geometries of 4, 6, and 8 poles of an ironless stator are. This work is downloaded from delft university of technology. Due to the high rotor speed and high frequency of the stator flux variation, the design of a highspeed machine is quite different from designing a conventional machine with low speed and low frequency 11. Experimental data show that one single domain ybco pellets could trap up to 17 t at 29 k, which enables the design of very high power density motors that could be used in aircraft propulsion. Based on these equations radial and axial flux motors with different number of. Axial flux motor technology ideal topology for hybrid. Launchpoint technologies has been developing high specific power, high efficiency electric machines for the demanding, highreliability applications associated with hybrid electric uav flight. Design of hts axial flux motor for aircraft propulsion article pdf available in ieee transactions on applied superconductivity 172. Bulk high temperature superconducting hts materials, such as ybco pellets, have the capacity of trapping magnetic flux thus behaving as permanent magnets. The goal is to produce an axialflux, permanent magnet inwheel motor that will be able to be retrofitted in the rear wheels of a car, to assist in citydriving mode, with the capability to.

In this thesis axial flux and radial flux brushless dc motors will be studied as a drive motor for the control of moment gyroscope wheel. It was developed the analytical model of the entire traction system which consists of a voltage inverter, a afpm motor, a field oriented control foc control system with a torque reference and the dynamic system of the vehicle. As a result, analytical methods to obtain magnetic field solutions have been presented in the literature for permanent magnet synchronous machines of radial flux 1, 2, linear 3, 4, and axial flux configuration 5, 6, 7. Design and analysis of a new axial flux coreless pmsg with. Give a shout out if you print this thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Design of axial and radial flux hts permanent magnet synchronous motors rotor article in ieee transactions on applied superconductivity 203. The axial flux motor design for examples, see 17,18, in general, provides higher torquepower density than other motor designs 18, and the use of superconductors is expected to improve these advantages even further 16.

Hts motors and generators large capacity hts motors can be used on warships and merchant vessels for electric propulsion jun, z. Design and testing of a permanent magnet axial flux wind. A high efficiency axialflux brushless dc motor assisted by self axial magnetic bearing and used in flywheel energy storage system is proposed in this paper. Besides biofuels, electric propulsion systems for small aircraft and hybrid. Homopolar motor design showing the disk and drum armature homopolar. For equations of voltages of the axial flux permanent magnet synchronous generator the threephase stator windings have been written as 1 v s 1, abc r s 1, abc. Design of hts axial flux motor for aircraft propulsion ieee xplore. We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. Collaborative planners,inc of cleveland hcigh t5,ohio tlitl the hts electric motorgenerator design work and specified thc cooling requircrncn ts for all thrce sizes. The axial flux synchronous motor consists of a cylindrical magnetic rotor. Static measurements on hts coils of fully superconducting.

The design of the direct drive inwheel motor is shown in fig. The machines are an axial flux pancake design based on dualhalbacharray magnet rotors and ironless stators. Design and implementation of axial flux induction motor. Axial ux pm bldc motor design methodology and comparison. Pdf design of hts axial flux motor for aircraft propulsion. Study of an axial flux disc motor with superconductor rotor. A modular permanentmagnet generator with axial flux direction was chosen. Quench detection for high temperature superconductor.

In 5 a multidisc axial flux permanent magnet motor rated 1. Bulk high temperature superconducting hts materials, such as ybco pellets, have the capacity of trapping magnetic flux thus behaving as. This makes a motor with an extremely low internal resistance. Concept design of a high power superconducting generator for. A high torque density axial flux srm with modular stator 337 reported results reveal that the optimized 1214 one has the highest nmkg compared with the others. In this design, the rotor with composite rim acts as the flywheel of the system and is sandwiched between two disk type stators which are made of amorphous metal to reduce iron losses. When scaling such machines to high speed and high power, the size of discs is inherently limited by. A high pole count axial flux motor allows for extremely efficient use of energy and a very powerful electromagnet motor. Axial flux machines are wellknown for applications in the 40300 kw range 33, 34. The motor would be used for direct driving a corona 7 cell helicopter. Electric propulsion components with high power densities.

This paper describes the general design of an inductor motor with. Therefore, this research proposes an axial flux induction motor consists of thinstator and rotor. Motor, permanent magnet motor, hts synchronous motor, dc homopolar motor. Brushless dc motor with axial flux design design world. An evaluation of electric motors for ship propulsion core. The permanent magnet used is ndfeb or ferrite magnet with flux guide to focus flux density in the air gap. Basically got started from the design of the famous cisro solar car motor, and adapted the design to my needs. Axial flux permanent magnet brushless machines gieras, jacek f. It is also important for the designer to know the magnitudes of the thermal parameters and to choose a suitable cooling strategy.

The ironless design concept offers the advantage of zero cogging torque resulting in vibrationfree operation inherent in ironcore designs. Development of axial flux hts induction motors sciencedirect. It has been shown that the axial flux design with the airgap concentrated second harmonic windings has a 10 % lower mass than a radial flux machine. Design of an axial flux machine for an inwheel motor.

Design of axial flux permanent magnet brushless dc motor. Ironless axial halbach direct drive heli motor experiment. Design and construction in axial magnetic flux configuration are a new alternative to develop hts motors. The torque of axial flux machines scales either with the diameter of the rotor discs or multiple rotor discs have to be stacked. Design of axial and radial flux hts permanent magnet. Aircraftoriented electrical propulsion systems must be designed to maximize. Inductor machines with axial excitation of stationary hts field coils and. Relative to a traditional electrical motor, the innovative configuration and control of the amfa yields significant size, weight and price reductions, while increasing power. Therefore, the rotor field coils have to generate a large magnetic flux that results in a large amount of expensive hts conductor for the field coil. Coreless design might also make it have extremely low inductance, too, which would necessitate a higher switching freq. Electrical design of a 17 mw class hts motor for ship. Due to heavy cooling penalty, a losses in the hts stator, is one of the key topics in hts machine design. The rotor houses the specifically spaced, alternating pole, magnet configuration.

Modeling of an electric axial flux motor applied to. Electric propulsion components with high power densities for aviation. Axial flux, modular, permanentmagnet generator with a. Pdf development of allelectric aircraft would enable more efficient, quieter and environmentally friendly vehicles and would contribute to the. Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following locations. Excellent thermal behavior motor can drive propeller directly without gearbox motor was developed for aircraft application motor design is scalable towards 1 mw this is the. Basically, the design of this machine is similar to conventionalelectric motor. A high torque density axial flux srm with modular stator. In this paper, the authors present a conceptual design of a 2. Optimized design of a brushless dc permanent magnet motor. Delft university of technology design of hightorquedensity. License axial flux motor by aerogeek is licensed under the creative commons attribution license. In order to evaluate the a loss of superconducting stator windings in a rotational machine environment, we designed and built a novel axial flux high temperature superconducting hts machine platform.

Taking advantage of moving within a fluid, aircraft propulsion is achieved by airbreathing engines, i. The energy source is the combustion of a fuel carried onboard with oxygen in the air, but it might also be solar power or nuclear power. The machine is of a standard radial flux type with. Optimized design of a brushless dc permanent magnet motor for propulsion of an ultra light aircraft m. Design of axial and radial flux hts permanent magnet synchronous motor s rotor article in ieee transactions on applied superconductivity 203. Axialflux permanentmagnet synchronous motor afpmsm. Zarko the results presented in 3 which indicate that the straight tooth design yields lower mass of the motor. Ive been experimenting with ironless axial motors with halbach arrays. First, power can be generated by a conventional gas turbine and converted into electrical energy in an hts generator, which in turn is used to power a controlled hts motor driving a propeller. Spm radial flux machine with inner andor outer rotor with htsbulks as magnets. To meet the market demand with an attractive costbenefit ratio, dunkermotoren has developed a new axial flux motor design with stacked windings. Development of a 8 kw hts axial flux machine for electric aircraft. High power density superconducting rotating machines.

Design of axialflux permanentmagnet lowspeed machines and performance comparison between radialflux and axialflux machines thesis for the degree of doctor of science technology to be presented with due permission for public examination and criticism in the auditorium 82 at lappeenranta university of technology, lappeenranta, finland. Modeling and dynamics of hts motors for aircraft electric. Assessment of high temperature superconducting hts electric motors for rotorcraft propulsion. Axial ux pm bldc motor design methodology and comparison with a radial ux pm bldc motor ertu grul yes. Ping umpedac, engineering tower, university of malaya, kuala lumpur, malaysia abstractthe design process of a doublesided slotted torus axial. Static measurements on hts coils of fully superconducting ac electric machines for aircraft electric propulsion system benjamin b. Hts inductor electric machine with combined excitation iopscience. The design of the machine was developed with a mathematical mode of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous generator. Design and development of a highspeed axialflux permanentmagnet machine citation for published version apa. Axial flux motor university of california, san diego. Assessment of high temperature superconducting hts. A design for an axialtype motor that utilizes hts bulk material for the rotor was. Hts propulsion motors, ieee transactions on applied superconductivity, 27 4, 5203005. Masson p j, breschi m, tixador p and luongo c a 2007 design of hts axial flux motor for aircraft propulsion ieee trans.

Brown4 national aeronautics and space adminstration, glenn research center, cleveland, ohio, 445. Design of hts axial flux motor for aircraft propulsion core. Concept design of a high power superconducting generator. Abstractthe development of cryogenic technology and high temperature superconducting hts materials has seen continued interest worldwide in the development of hts machines since the late 1980s. Cooling, thermal design, and stability of a superconducting motor. In this study, the axial flux machine design is assumed to utilise high temperature superconductors in. Aircraft propulsion systems can benefit from electric hts machines in two distinct ways. In this paper a 17 mw hts motor for ship propulsion is designed with a costeffective method because the hts conductor cost is a critical factor in the construction of an hts motor. Fully superconducting machine for electric aircraft. Design and simulation an axial flux permanent magnet motor is different from a conventional electric motor due to the path of magnetic flux inside the motor. Design and fem analysis of a high efficiency axialflux.

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